Leadman Precision Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is one of the Malaysia's leading engineering firms in providing one-stop high precision engineering solutions. Since our incorporation in 1997, we continue to differentiate ourselves from other competitors by offering reliable products and services built to last long. Our success and strong foundation are built and driven by our faithful, highly skilled and experienced experts. We have amassed decades of experience in the industry and we are committed to build the finest quality complex components for variable critical applications.

Our business has its touch in a wide range of industries that include automotive, medical, electrical-electronics, semiconductor and computer peripheral, just to name a few. We are constantly seeking for innovative and profitable growth with our business built across the continentals. Quality-assured engineering solutions have been provided to customers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Europe, and the United States of America.

Leadman Precision Engineering benefits from its strategic location with a plant set up in Penang, one of the largest three major regional electrical-electronics clusters in Malaysia, and one of the top ten dynamic industrial cluster locations in the world with direct global access to major big cities. The plant has the capability in handling one-off prototypes and reverses engineering design. We constantly reinvest our revenue in the latest sophisticated design software, high-end precision machineries, and high accuracy measuring equipments available in market. Sophisticated production engineering and management systems are all in place to optimize our control in management, designand production, cost structures, quality assurance and after-sale service. A strong technical foundation and a unique corporate culture enable us to sustain our competitive advantage and economical pricing with no compromisation in quality.

The Workforce
In Leadman Precision Engineering, we believe in supporting our workforce, the front line hero, who has propelled the company in achieving milestones. Our employees are recruited with highly specialized skill and are expertise at their own field to execute their tasks with excellence and to generate quality engineering solutions with highest reliability and finest tolerance that could stand the test of time for our highly valued customers worldwide.

Investment & Facility
Leadman Precision Engineeringis devoted to the principle of continuous innovation. Growth supporting investments in latest machinery and system technology are made to fulfill our mission of providing quality and reliable precision engineering solutions.

Our Commitment
In the vast changing environment with unceasing challenges and rigorous competitions, we pledge to outdo ourselves with persistent effort in every product and services we provide to enrich our bonds with global customers we built over the decade. An honorable experience for every customer is our belief, and is the most essential element in creating a long-term win-win partnership whilst we align the company with the vision of our Board of Directors as a whole.


To provide Quality and Reliability Precision Engineering Solutions.


To be the Leading Precision Engineering Specialist with Win-win Partnership